Springtime and Siding

All too often homeowners hide bad siding behind springtime landscaping, hoping that the greenery will mask what lies behind. Unfortunately the truth is revealed either by the shift in seasons or other unexpected circumstances.

As professional siding contractors in the Comox Valley, we see a fair amount of outdated or poor siding jobs being hidden by vegetation or other landscaping features. Ironically, the plants are often seasonal, leaving the pre-existing eyesore further exposed, or drawing the eye right to the problem.

Another issue issue is when the plants become uncared for. Without some measure of attention, water, or food, the plants wither and die, contributing further to the “unfinished” look.

There are a few solutions to consider here, all pretty straightforward:

  1. Use evergreen plants rather than deciduous ones.
  2. Consider the state of your vegetation throughout the seasons.
Mark Adey

Owner, Strathcona Siding

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